There’s no denying that by providing developers a platform to sell and distribute their apps, that companies like Apple and Google deserve to maybe get a cut from their sales. However, there is the question of how much of a cut should they receive? Right now, the industry standard appears to be 30%, but it seems that some developers are feeling that it’s too much.

While this is a gripe that some companies have had with Apple for a while now, it only recently became a huge deal when Epic decided to publicly challenge Apple which has resulted in a legal battle. Now it looks like regulators around the world are starting to sit up and pay attention, like over in Russia where a lawmaker has submitted a draft legislation in which it has been proposed that the cut that companies like Apple and Google should take should be capped at 20%.

On top of that, the legislation would also require that app sellers like Apple and Google pay an additional third of their commission (essentially a 30% cut of the 20% that they would take) that would then go towards a special training fund for IT specialists. This would be done on a quarterly basis.

Whether or not this legislation will come to pass remains to be seen, and while some might argue that what Epic is doing is wrong, there is no doubt that with so much public scrutiny that it would be a miracle if Apple were to walk away from this completely unscathed.

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