One of the upcoming features of the iPhone 12 is that it will support 5G connectivity. Some analysts believe that this could be a huge deal for Apple and could help boost iPhone sales. However, interestingly enough, a survey conducted by Decluttr has found that maybe Apple users care less about 5G than we think.

According to the survey, which involved 1,750 US adults, they found that out of the number of Apple customers who intend to buy the new iPhone 12, 42% of them did not even know that the iPhone 12 could come with 5G. This would suggest that there was probably another feature or another reason as to why these users were planning to upgrade.

What’s even more interesting is that the survey found that 28% of Apple iPhone users already thought that their iPhones were 5G enabled. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s a waste of time for Apple to introduce 5G, but rather it would suggest that there are other driving factors that are prompting users to upgrade.

That being said, this is a relatively small survey and might not necessarily be indicative of all iPhone users, but what say you? Is 5G a reason why you might be upgrading to the iPhone 12? Or is there another reason behind it?

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