Apple’s iPads have long supported cellular connectivity, and with the new iPhone 12 series supporting 5G, we suppose it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Apple could be looking to introduce mmWave 5G to its higher-end iPad Pros starting in 2021, or at least that’s the word according to DigiTimes.

For those wondering about the distinction of mmWave 5G, there are currently two subsets of 5G in the market – mmWave and Sub-6GHz. The former will offer the fastest 5G speeds possible, at least on paper, while the latter is slower (but still faster than LTE). However, mmWave is limited in range and typically users will need to be close to a 5G tower to experience the full potential of it.

Sub-6GHz on the other hand will offer wider coverage so while it’s slower, you could think of it as being more consistently available. If you live in an urban area, mmWave could be easier to find, but that will also depend on your carrier of choice. With the 2021 iPad Pros rumored to support the mmWave version of 5G, it means that you should be able to get really fast speeds, but depending on your coverage, it might not necessarily be as beneficial.

DigiTimes has a bit of a spotty record when it comes to these rumors, so take it with a grain of salt for now, but if you don’t need an iPad Pro right now, it might be a good idea to wait until next year to get the 5G model if you’re concerned about futureproofing.

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