Apple will officially unveil their first Apple Silicon Mac computers tomorrow. This is rather exciting, although we do have some concerns, namely app compatibility and availability. Apple has made some moves to help ease that transition, such as allowing for iOS apps to run on the Apple Silicon chipsets, and also providing tools to help developers create apps for the new chipset.

Unfortunately though, a report from 9to5Mac has revealed that ahead of the new Apple Silicon Mac computers being announced, it appears that quite a number of major iOS app developers have opted out of the Mac App Store. This would suggest that quite a number of popular iOS apps will not be compatible on macOS at launch.

For those wondering, developers are given the option to have their iOS apps made available for the Apple Silicon Macs. This means that right out the gate, in theory early adopters of the new Apple Silicon Macs could run native iOS apps on their computers. However, with developers opting out, there will be less options for users to choose from at the start.

This does not mean that developers are not confident about Apple’s strategy to shift away from Intel. As 9to5Mac notes, it is possible that these developers do not think that their apps will work well on macOS, or it might not be stable, and could be holding off on releasing apps until they’ve sorted it out. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see.

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