Apple has stopped including the charger with the new iPhone. Instead, the company recommends that if users want to take advantage of fast charging and to allow MagSafe to charge at its max speed, they’ll need to pony up an extra $20 for the 20W USB-C charger on top of everything else.


However, the good news is that if you are planning on buying a new iPad Pro, user reports from Reddit have revealed that Apple will be shipping these tablets with the new 20W charger. To give you some context, prior to this, Apple shipped the iPad Pros with an 18W charger. While we doubt that the 2W difference will make a huge deal in terms of charging speeds, it’s a nice and free upgrade.

That being said, we should also point out that the inclusion of the 20W charger is important for iPhone users looking to buy the MagSafe charger. This is because MagSafe will charge the new iPhones at 15W only if it’s paired with the 20W charger. What’s interesting is that this only works with the 20W charger, and that other lower-speed chargers won’t net you that 15W power, and oddly enough, higher-powered chargers won’t as well, including those made by third-party accessory makers.

In any case, it’s just something to take note of in case you plan on buying a new iPad Pro and also one of Apple’s new iPhone 12 models.

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