For the most part, a lot of laptops still use LCD for their displays today. There is a reason for this and that is cost, where larger OLED panels would obviously cost a lot more compared to making a smaller OLED screen for a device like a smartphone. This holds true for Apple’s current MacBook lineup where the only OLED screen is in the Touch Bar.

However, that could change in 2021 where according to DigiTimes, they claim that Apple could launch mini LED MacBook Pros in the first half of 2021. This would be an interesting addition to Apple’s lineup and could make their laptops even more appealing. It should be noted that despite its name, mini LEDs are not LEDs. They are instead a hybrid of sorts between LCD and LED.

LCDs usually rely on backlighting to illuminate the entire display, whereas LED uses individual lights to light up each pixel. This allows for richer colors and deeper blacks, so mini LEDs borrow that concept and applies it to LCD technology.

That being said, we have heard a recent rumor that Apple could be introducing a redesigned MacBook lineup in 2021, so it is unclear if the use of a mini LED screen could be part of the new design, or if it will be separate. Also, keep in mind that Apple is still expected to continue putting out Intel-based Mac computers alongside the new Apple Silicon chipsets at least until 2022, so it is unclear if this mini LED MacBook Pro could be the Intel version of the Apple Silicon variant.

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