Like most messaging apps, WhatsApp is no stranger to spam and chances are, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of many forwarded photos and videos. If you didn’t set your WhatsApp settings correctly, all these forwarded photos and videos will be automatically downloaded and saved to your mobile device.

Over time, this leads to a lot of wasted storage, especially if you’re not diligent about deleting those media files. However, to help combat the problem of users running low on storage, WhatsApp has since introduced a new update to the app which comes in the form of a storage management tool.

This tool will help users find and group together large files like photos and videos that might have been forwarded multiple times. The tool will also list these files in descending order by file size, so users can then bulk select these media files and delete them at once. This is a much more efficient way than going through WhatsApp chats individually, or searching through your photo gallery for these photos and deleting them manually.

The update should already be live and can be found in the Settings menu of WhatsApp, so if your phone is being overrun with these photos and videos, this new tool should hopefully make it easier for you to clean things up.

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