Apple has always had a huge focus on protecting the privacy of its users, and now in a recent update to its App Store, it will now show users the “nutrition labels” of apps, where it basically shows users what kind of privacy-related features an app might need access to if you were to download it.

Typically speaking, apps will ask for permissions whenever it is installed for the first time, like asking for access to location, access to the camera or microphone, access to photos, contacts, and more. However, these labels will show you what you can expect even before you install the app so that you know what to expect ahead of time.

It will also condense the information so that you can see everything at once and decide if maybe this type of information is something you might be willing (or not) to hand over to an app and its developer.

Apple has since made it a requirement for all new apps to include this privacy label if they want to put their apps in the App Store. However, for existing apps, Apple says that they will continue to allow the apps to remain even if they don’t have a label, but developers will not be allowed to update their apps until this information is provided moving forwards.

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