One of the ways to save money on a new product would be to trade-in an older product. Apple is a company that accepts trade-ins of its older products and you get credit towards its newer ones. However, it seems that the company has recently made some adjustments to the value of some of their devices.

According to a discovery by iMore, Apple has actually increased the value of products like the iPad and the Apple Watch. For example, the iPad Pro is now worth as much as $525, an increase of $25 from its previous valuation of $500. The iPad Air has also seen an increase in price from $210 to $250, and the iPad from $200 to $240.

The Apple Watch is also now worth a bit more where the Series 4 has gone from $140 to $150, the Series 3 from $85 to $95, and the Series 1 from $30 to $35. However, while some of Apple’s products have gone up in trade-in value, some of it has gone down as well, namely the company’s Mac computers.

The trade-in value for the MacBook Pro has gone from $1,760 to $1,530, while the MacBook Air has dropped from $730 to $630. That being said, we should note that these are the absolutely best prices that you might be able to get, which means that there is a chance that depending on the condition of your device, you might get less than the max amount, but it’s still worth noting anyway.

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