While science has definitely helped explain a lot about the world, there are still plenty of things that we as human beings do not understand about the world or the universe in general. However, it seems that we might now be one step closer to learning more about our Earth’s moon.

This is thanks to the successful China space mission in which the country’s Chang-e 5 probe has successfully landed back on Earth after collecting some moon rock samples. The probe had originally taken off on the 24th of November and landed on the moon on the 1st of December on the massive lava plain known as Oceanus Procellarum.

This dark side of the moon, according to NASA, is believed to be a scar caused by a giant cosmic impact that created a sea of maga. The samples taken from this part of the moon is expected to help provide scientists with more information about the moon’s origins, and also act as a foundation for future sample retrieval missions on other planets.

China says that they will be making some of these samples available to scientists in other countries. This mission also makes China the third country in the world to have successfully collected samples from the moon. The first was the US with their Apollo program from 1969-1972, and the Soviet Union back in the 1970s.

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