While companies like Netflix and Hulu have had a head start when it comes to streaming services, it seems that it doesn’t really matter because according to Disney, they have announced that their Disney+ streaming service has managed to hit 86.8 million subscribers in total.

Granted, Netflix is still very much in the lead with over 190 million subscribers, putting them well over 100 million ahead of Disney+, but when you consider that it was just last month that Disney announced that Disney+ had 73 million subscribers, the jump of 13 million subscribers in such a short period of time is very impressive, and would suggest that the service is growing a lot faster than the competition.

That being said, it makes sense that Disney+ would be so popular. Disney has many popular franchises under its belt, such as its own animated movies and series, plus it also plays home to other franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, all of which are huge draws. The company is also developing original TV shows based around those franchises. The Mandalorian, which is currently on its second season, has also been immensely popular.

We’re not sure how long Disney would need to catch up to the competition, but based on the current trajectory, it seems that they might need less time than previously thought.

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