With our smartphones and tablets being able to connect to the internet using cellular connectivity, we actually have to wonder why such a feature isn’t as widely-available in laptops. There are cellular-capable laptops, but oddly enough, they aren’t as common as one might think even though the benefits of such devices are pretty obvious.

That being said, the good news for Apple fans is that it looks like such a device could be coming in the future. This is based on a Bloomberg report which claims that Apple is apparently developing a MacBook with support for 5G. However, the report notes that such a laptop won’t be arriving anytime soon.

It is unclear why that might be the case, but if it is true, it is still somewhat good news to know that a future MacBook could support 5G connectivity. Given how fast 5G speeds are, it might actually make it more appealing. However, it is possible that maybe given that 5G isn’t quite as widespread yet, plus there are also two different forms of 5G, maybe Apple is hoping for the tech to “settle down” first before introducing a 5G capable laptop.

The report had also previously claimed that Apple had developed Face ID for the iMac, but they apparently scrapped their plans to include it in the rumored upcoming redesign and will be saving it for a future model instead.

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