As companies move to create smaller and thinner devices, it’s not surprising that this results in components that are more complex and more difficult to remove, thus in some cases, making them near-impossible to fix. However, surprisingly enough, the AirPods Max has actually been found to be quite serviceable.

This is according to the folks at iFixit who have completed their teardown of the headphones, where they have given it a 6/10 in terms of repairability. While not particularly high, this is actually the highest that they have given any of Apple’s previous AirPods products. However, to be fair, these are headphones which means that they are bigger and easier to access than earbuds, but it’s still a good thing nonetheless.

The teardown report cites features like magnetically detachable earcups as being one of the factors that helps with repairability. The battery and Lightning port, two points of potential failure, can also be accessed meaning that if the battery starts to fail on you or if the Lightning port gets damaged, they can be fixed.

However, some of the issues that they had was the sheer number of different types of screws that were used with the headphones. This means that repairing the headphones would be difficult for those at home, unless you happen to own various specialist screwdrivers.

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