Apart from keeping our bodies in shape and just good for overall health, exercise is also touted to have additional benefits like better-looking skin and also the release of chemicals in our brains, such as endorphins. In case you wanted more proof, Asics has recently conducted a study in which they strapped on an EEG onto three elite athletes and six “everyday athletes”.

Based on the results of the study, they found that exercising does have the ability to make people feel happier. For example, based on their study, they saw an 18% increase in the participants ability to relax, a 28% drop in rash decision making, and a 29% improvement in stress resilience.

According to Dr. Brendan Stubbs, a searcher from Kings College London, he suggested that these benefits might actually be greater for “normal” people who don’t get out and exercise that much. This is because Stubbs suggests that since professional athletes have been doing it for such a long time, they might have to do less “brain work” during their workouts.

That being said, given that this study is kind of limited given the number of participants, it’s hard to call it definitive. However, there have been studies in the past that pretty much echo the same sentiments, so if anything, we suppose this study by Asics does corroborate it. However, we should note that Asics does have a vested interest since they do sell sporting equipment such as shoes.

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