Back in the day if you were afflicted by certain medical conditions, like being blind, there was really not much doctors could do. However, thankfully medical technology has advanced a lot since then, where a 78-year old man who was deemed legally blind has managed to regain his sight thanks to the help of synthetic corneas.


The cornea was developed by a company called CorNeat and the implant is integrated directly into the eye wall to replace scarred or deformed corneas. According to the report, it seems that immediately after surgery, the patient was able to recognize family members and was also able to read numbers off an eye chart.

It should be pointed out that artificial corneas aren’t new. However, previous iterations were usually used as last measure resorts in the event that transplants or cornea ring implants weren’t available or did not work. This is because the surgery required is complex, but with CorNeat’s implant, it requires minimal stitches and cutting, plus it uses biometric material that apparently “stimulates cellular proliferation, leading to progressive tissue integration.”

At the moment, CorNeat’s implant is being used in trials and isn’t widely available yet. Right now, there are ten more patients approved for the trial in Israel, and there are more trials pending approval in various parts of the world as well.

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