One of the long rumored features that is expected to debut in a future Apple Watch is the ability to measure blood sugar levels without needles. This is expected to be a huge deal and would be perfect for people with diabetes who might need to keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels throughout the day.

However, it seems that a Japanese company by the name of Quantum Operation Inc. might have beaten Apple to the punch. They have debuted a prototype wearable that they claim is capable of a noninvasive way of measuring the wearer’s blood sugar levels through a spectrometer that scans the blood to measure glucose.

According to the company, the secret to their technology is the choice of materials used to build the device. The company hopes that they will be able to sell their technology to insurance and healthcare providers, although based on readings compared to a finger-prick monitor, the FreeStyle Libre, there are noticeable variations.

This means that for users who need a more accurate reading to adjust their insulin levels, Quantum Operation’s current prototype might not cut it. However, as with medical tech built into wearables like a heart rate monitor and ECG monitor, these tools aren’t necessarily designed to be conclusive, and for the most part, companies like Apple still recommend that users seek professional medical advice.

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