When it comes to content designed for kids, many companies have filters and warnings in place to prevent kids from watching content they aren’t meant to. However, it seems that Disney is taking things one step further with Disney+ by outright preventing kids from accessing certain cartoons and movies that are deemed problematic.

As some of you might know, some of Disney’s older content has storylines and characters that are filled with racist stereotypes and negative depictions. The company had previously updated its back catalogue with messages that warn viewers of these racist stereotypes, saying that while they can’t change the past, they are hoping that by providing additional context, they are hoping that it can create awareness.

The content was still watchable, but like we said, Disney’s recent changes have now made those contents unsearchable and unplayable if they are viewed from a Kids profile. Some of the movies that were removed include Peter Pan, Aristocats, The Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, and The Jungle Book.

Adults using their own profile will still be able to search and watch those movies (with the accompanying message), so if parents want their kids to view that content, they’ll have to do so with their own profile.

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