Apple has their own password manager in the form of iCloud keychain. This allows iOS and macOS users to store login credentials on their devices so that it can be used to fill in forms and log into apps. However, it is more or less exclusive to Apple’s products, but that is expected to change soon.


According to various reports, it seems that Apple is bringing its iCloud keychain password manager feature to Windows and other browsers such as Chrome. In the latest update to the iCloud application for Windows, users are reporting seeing a new section in the app called “Passwords”, which when clicked will prompt users to download an extension for Chrome.

However, it seems that maybe the feature isn’t live yet because users are reporting that the link takes them to a broken page, at least for now. This means that Apple could be close to releasing the feature and for those who rely on iCloud keychain for password management,  this could be something to look forward to.

Password managers are great tools as it helps generate strong passwords while also helping to store them so that you don’t have to remember them yourself. If you’re not an Apple iCloud user, then check out our guide for a list of other password managers that could be worth looking at.

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