When it comes to fast-paced games, reaction is key. This is what separates professionals from amateurs. For example, amateurs might know that they need to click the mouse to fire at the enemy, but in the moment, they might panic or get confused about what they need to do, and that’s why their reaction times can be slow.

However, this is a problem that the folks at Brink Bionics are hoping to solve as they have since unveiled the Impulse Neuro Controller glove. This is a glove that you wear that’s also connected to your brain, where the idea is that it can help gamers click the mouse faster just by thinking about it.

The creators are claiming that the device can help shave a valuable 80 milliseconds off your reaction time, which is actually quite a lot. The Impulse glove is not an aimbot and should not be thought of as so. It will still require gamers to play the game themselves and move their mouse and aim at their targets.

The best part is that you don’t necessarily need a new setup for it to work. Since it is a glove, all you need is to wear it and you can use it with your current gaming setup. The design of the glove is based on the same tech that powers prosthetic limbs, which is by using electrical impulses to trigger an action.

That being said, since we have yet to test it for ourselves, we have no idea how well it actually works, but YouTuber Trisha Hershberger has put together a video that demonstrates it, so check it out before you pledge your support.

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