One of the problems with listening to audio on our smartphones is that it isn’t quite as good compared to dedicated speakers or even a proper set of headphones. This is because speakers on our smartphones are tiny and given the size of our phones, it doesn’t leave a lot of space for it to vibrate, which in turns does affect the overall sound quality.

This doesn’t mean that they are bad, smartphone speakers have come a long way since then, and it looks like Netflix will be helping improve on that front. The company has recently announced an update to its Android app where the app will now support the streaming of audio in xHE-AAC. This means that users should be able to expect much better sound quality coming from their speakers.

Netflix claims that this should bring about “studio quality” sound that is more consistent across the board, meaning that it will scale with things like your connectivity (like offer better quality when you’re connected to a fast network), loudness management that should prevent jarring volume changes, all of which should help users better understand what they’re listening to, or so they claim.

The update will require users to own an Android phone with Android 9.0 or higher. We’re not sure how big of a change this will be, but if you tend to watch Netflix on your phone more so than on your TV or computer, then perhaps this could be an improvement for you.

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