There is something very attractive about robotic vacuuming and mopping because it’s clearly something that no one wants to do. Over the years, we’ve tried quite a few and have kept an eye on the industry ever since.

Roborock is known for last year’s S6 MaxV robot that could vacuum (2500Pa suction) and mop. Still, the new Roborock S7 can do both simultaneously, first vacuuming all the particles away, then mopping right behind it. Potentially, this could dramatically reduce the time spent on mopping and cleaning a room.

Doing both tasks in one pass is a huge deal because you want the robot to spend as little time as possible cleaning around and emitting distracting noise. That is particularly true when you work from home.

Roborock S7 can do both because it leverages technology that Roborock had already integrated into previous models: its sensors are smart enough to differentiate hard surfaces from carpet, and it will retract the mopping cloth at the proper time. The goal here is never to stop and never come back to clean the same area.

If you have left objects (shoes, socks, cables, clothes…) on the floor, the robot will generally be smart enough to avoid these obstacles using artificial intelligence training. It’s not bullet-proof, but within this category of product, Roborock is among the best.

The mopping hardware builds on top of the progress made with the S6 MaxV. With the water tank and mopping hardware separated, it is possible to scrub at a fast rate. Roborock mentions that it is using “Sonic” technology, and in a way, it has similarities with how sonic toothbrushes work.

As a result, the company claims that it can scrub as fast as 1600-3000 times per minute to literally “disintegrate” even dried spots. It sounds plausible, but without testing it, I cannot vouch for it quite yet. It does seem excellent on paper, for sure.


According to the manufacturer, Roborock S7 has a large capacity battery (5200 mAh) and can run for 180 minutes (vacuum only). The water tank holds 300 ml, and you can electronically control how much water will be used during the washing process.

Last but not least, Roborock plans to release an Auto-Empty Doc where the robot can go and basically empty itself to get ready for the next cleaning cycle. This is a fantastic idea because it further reduces your interaction with the cleaning robot, making it even more convenient.

As usual, users can control the robot with a super-convenient mobile app because the robot has a powerful visual sensor that maps rooms with speed and accuracy. You can create denial zones or organize the cleaning quickly without spending much time setting up all the zones.

Overall, the Roborock S7 seems like the pinnacle of automated home cleaning.

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