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Back at CES 2021 earlier this month, LG teased that they are working on a smartphone with a rollable display. In some ways, we think that this might be a better idea than foldable displays, potentially improving on durability, and also doing away with the need for having such a thick chassis.

So far, LG is one of the few players in the market that we know are working on such a device, but it seems that Samsung could be interested as well. A report from LetsGoDigital has uncovered a patent by Samsung which suggests that the company has similar ideas for a rollable smartphone.

Much like the concepts and demos we’ve seen, Samsung’s rollable smartphone works pretty much the same way. It features a phone that looks like a regular smartphone on the surface, but under the hood and with motors, there is a rolled up display hidden. This allows the user to pull out the phone and extend the screen, or push it back to make the phone small again.

This should result in a device with less seams and also a slimmer build. However, since this is a patent, it’s hard to say if Samsung plans on making it a reality. But given that Samsung and LG closely compete with each other when it comes to display technology, perhaps this patent might not be so outlandish after all.

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