One of the cool features about Instagram’s Stories is the Q&A section, where creators can allow users to submit them questions that they can ask, or ask for answers/opinions from their followers. It’s pretty nifty and adds a degree of interaction to the platform. Now it looks like TikTok will be getting a similar feature as well.

This is according to Matt Navarra who tweeted screenshots of the feature. Based on what we are seeing, it seems that unlike Instagram’s Q&A feature which you need to embed into your Stories, TikTok’s Q&A section can be just turned on indefinitely. This Q&A button will be added to the creator’s profile and when it’s available, users will be able to submit questions which creators can then choose to reply to in a video, or it can also be submitted when the creator is on a livestream.

This is different from how Instagram implemented it, although we suppose it might be too early to tell which option might be “better”. Being able to limit when you are willing to take questions might be a good thing as creators won’t necessarily feel burdened to reply to all of them, but at the same time, having an open line to your followers and subscribers could increase engagement, which could be good for sponsorship deals as well.

In any case, this feature seems to be a test at the moment so it could be subject to change further down the line, so do keep an eye out for any potential bugs in the meantime.

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