We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be looking to develop a portless iPhone. Such a device would be interesting as it would mean that all connections to it would be wireless, such as connecting headphones and also charging. It would also make the phone more water-resistant as there would be one less port for water to get into.

However, there is the question of restoring and recovering data. If users need to recover data from an iPhone, typically they would need to connect it to a computer, but if there is no more port, how would users go about doing that? That’s something that Apple seems to be exploring at the moment, according to a report from Appleosophy.

One of the methods that Apple could use is something they’re developing called “Internet Recovery”. By placing a device in “Internet Recovery” mode, it would trigger an Internet Restore broadcast, after which the handset would then be added to iTunes/Finder and users will then receive prompts and guide them through the recovery process.

The report claims that Apple had experimented with Bluetooth but found the connection to be not very secure and it was also slow during the restoration process. That being said, as Appleosophy points out, this is a prototype technology being tested on a prototype device which may or may not make the final cut, so we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet.

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