When it comes to a lot of tasks on our computers, more often than not we turn to third-party apps and tools for certain tasks. This is because it’s not reasonable to expect companies like Apple, Microsoft, or Google to include every possible feature, plus sometimes not all native solutions work the best.

That being said, if you’re a Chrome OS user, then you might be interested to learn that Google will soon be introducing a native screen recording tool to its platform. This feature is expected to debut in the next Chrome OS update coming in March and will make it easier for users to record their screens instead.

Having a native built-in tool is always more preferred as it means that users won’t need to go and search for alternatives themselves. While some third-party alternatives can do a better job, it usually involves a lot of trial and error to find the one that suits you best, so having a built-in feature can save you time, especially if you’re not a particularly demanding user.

We’re not sure what kind of features this screen recorder will have and how it will differ from third-party alternatives, but it could be worth checking out when the feature launches next month.

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