Huawei had previously confirmed that they are developing their own mobile platform alternative to Android called HarmonyOS. However, the company notes that HarmonyOS isn’t just another smartphone operating system, but it will be a platform for all manner of smart devices including those for the home.

At MWC Shanghai 2021, Huawei took the wraps off several smart home products that are powered by HarmonyOS. Right now, this exists more as a concept and shows off a future in which multiple smart devices are powered by HarmonyOS and how they can all work with each other seamlessly.

For example, when users reach home from the office, they could use voice activation with a smart assistant to enable “Back Home” mode. This will automatically turn on things like the air purifier, change the lights to a warmer tone, and close the curtains. Huawei also envisions how users can use their HarmonyOS based smartphones with these smart gadgets by tapping them against each other, like launching recipes and having your appliances change their settings accordingly.

Of course, all of this would be dependent on users having HarmonyOS powered smartphones and smart home appliances to begin with, but a unified platform certainly makes it a lot easier instead of users having to hunt down compatible products.

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