To help combat the lack of native apps available for the M1 platform, Apple has allowed M1 Mac users to download iOS apps assuming that the developer has made the option available for their app. However, it seems that some users are encountering issues with this where they are unable to download iOS apps from the Mac App Store.

According to these users, it seems that when they try to download an iOS app from Mac App Store, it shows a spinning animation like it’s being processed, but nothing happens. It’s weird that this bug has suddenly made an appearance since it was not present before this, so there is a chance that maybe the latest macOS update could have something to do with it.

Some of the users claim that they have since spoke to Apple Support who told them that they were unaware of this problem and that it has been escalated, but unfortunately it is unclear as to what can be done to fix it.

For those unfamiliar, M1 Mac computers can download and run iOS apps. This can only be done with apps in which the developer has opted-in for the feature, meaning that not all apps are necessarily applicable here. The idea is that by allowing users to run iOS apps, it will bring more functionality to the otherwise new platform in which developers will need to write native apps for it. For such a bug to appear now does seem rather annoying and hopefully a fix will be released soon.

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