What does the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12 have in common? Both are smartphones priced in the $1,000 range, and both are phones you really, really do not want to drop. However, if you were to drop them, which phone do you think would be able to withstand the impact?

Would it be the Galaxy S21’s Gorilla Glass Victus or Apple’s Ceramic Shield? In a video put out by EverythingApplePro where they conducted a drop test and put the Galaxy S21 Ultra up against the iPhone 12 Pro Max to see which phone would last longer. During their test where they dropped the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 from varying heights, it seemed that both phones performed somewhat evenly.

For example during a drop, the iPhone 12’s glass back shattered whereas the Galaxy S21’s remained intact. However, when the phones fell on their faces, the iPhone 12’s display surprisingly did not shatter, whereas the Galaxy S21 did. It also rendered the phone’s in-display fingerprint sensor useless as it was no longer able to register the fingerprint.

Now, it should be noted that these are hardly considered scientific, so it’s probably worth taking it with a grain of salt. Plus, it doesn’t account for the fact that there is a good chance many of us put our phones in protective cases, which can help absorb the impact (this also varies depending on the case).

What can also determine the damage is the angle of the drop, whether it falls flat on its face, or hits the side. If you have about 10 minutes or so to spare and don’t mind seeing $1,000 smartphones get destroyed for the internet’s amusement, then check out the video above.

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