When it comes to choosing amongst Apple’s MacBook Pro, some people have advised staying away from the higher-end configuration of the 13-inch model. This is because of the price, where if you fork out a bit more, you could get a better specced model in the 15-inch model. The only reason you might go for the 13-inch is for the size.

Perhaps this is something that Apple has started to realize in terms of buying trends and patterns, which is why according to recent reports, it is rumored that Apple could be looking to discontinue the higher-end configuration of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Instead, to perhaps justify the price, Apple might replace it with a 14-inch model.

It is rumored that the 14-inch model will be the same size as the 13-inch model (possibly due to thinner bezels), which means that customers will not only get a bigger display, but they also get to keep the same form factor. The report goes on to claim that Apple will continue to keep the 13-inch MacBook Pro around, but only in its base configuration which will serve as an entry level model to the MacBook Pro lineup.

There have been rumors that Apple could launch a 14-inch MacBook Pro, and more recent reports from earlier this year suggest that the model could be among the first few laptops from Apple to use a mini LED display.

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