If you’ve been following social media news, chances are you’ve heard of Clubhouse. Right now it is an iOS only app where people can gather in different “clubs”/rooms and have voice conversations with each other. This allows people to host talks about certain topics, and it also allows for participation from the audience.

It is currently pretty popular and it looks like Discord wants in on the action as well. According to a post on Reddit, a user claims to have gotten beta access to a new feature on Discord which sounds a lot like Clubhouse. It’s called Stage Channel and according to the description, it is intended for larger audiences and where only select users get to speak, but at the same time participants can also make a request to join the conversation.

Why does that sound familiar? It’s because it sounds almost exactly like Clubhouse. Discord’s interest shouldn’t really come as a surprise because they’re not alone. Twitter is working on their own version called Spaces, and word on the street has it that Facebook is also looking into something similar as well.

Discord is already pretty popular amongst gamers and it’s more of a chat app rather than social media network, so we’re not sure if it would have the same kind of traction that Twitter or Facebook has, but we suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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