Clubhouse appears to be the next hottest thing as far as social media is concerned, which is why it’s not surprising that other companies are also looking to launch something similar. Twitter has been working on something for a while called Spaces, and for those who are curious about it, you might be able to take it for a spin this April.

Twitter recently updated its iOS app where it says that they are launching Spaces, but despite the changelog, this is only available to a select few users, presumably to test it out before it becomes more widely available. However, for the rest of the world, Twitter says that they plan to launch the feature for everyone next month.

For those who are unfamiliar with Clubhouse and Spaces, basically these are new social media networks, but instead of focusing on photos and videos, they are focusing more on audio. Users can gather in rooms where a host can create an event and gather people and everyone will be able to chat using their voice, kind of like radio.

However, those in the chat room can also raise their hand and participate in the conversation as well, making it more interactive and opening up the floor to more lively debates, opinions, and other perspectives. It’s an interesting take on social media that seems to be gaining in popularity.

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