The names given to us are simply that, a name. Sometimes they do have a deeper meaning, sometimes they don’t, but unfortunately for some, their names could have unintended consequences. Take for example an iCloud user by the name of Rachel True, who for the past six months was locked out of her iCloud account due to her last name.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her name, but for those who are familiar with programming, you might be able to see why. This is because in programming, the terms “true” and “false” are used as checks, which is apparently what Apple’s iCloud backend system is interpreting True’s name as, instead of just being her last name.

According to True, she was locked out of her iCloud account for the past six months and it wasn’t until her tweet became viral that Apple seems to have finally taken notice. This is according to a reply from Arun Gupta, a member of the iCloud team, who asked that she send him a DM so that they can get it fixed.

True does note in her reply that she already has tier 2 support and an executive liaison person, but like we said, six months is a very long time for this to get resolved, plus she has also been paying for her subscription despite being unable to access her account. Hopefully she will have some kind of resolution soon.

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