We’ve seen how fingerprint scanners have allowed users to unlock their smartphones, but it seems that Samsung wants to use that technology for cars. A patent discovered by Patently Apple has shown that Samsung wants to use fingerprint technology to potentially act as a way for users to start their car.


As you can see in the diagram above, the patent describes how the tech could be embedded into the steering wheel of the car where upon scanning and authorization, it will then start the car. Presumably this is to help make vehicles more secure and less prone to theft, where if the thieves can’t start the car, then they can’t steal it.

The patent also suggests that Samsung will also require the owner to have their smartphone with them when they put their fingerprint on the car to unlock, thus making it doubly secure. However, we imagine that this could be troublesome, like what if the person had lost their phone or forgotten to take it with them? What happens then? What if their phone is out of battery?

That being said, it does sound interesting though. Given how far along fingerprint technology has come, we’re actually surprised we don’t see it being used in more places, but as this is a patent, there’s no telling if Samsung will make it happen.

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