WhatsApp has a web and desktop version of its app which more or less does what the mobile version does. Almost. While it does almost everything the mobile version can do, like send messages, photos, videos, and documents, it cannot make voice or video calls, but that’s a feature that they were testing out last year.


The good news is that if you do use WhatsApp as your primary messenger, then you’ll be pleased to learn that WhatsApp for the desktop is now capable of making voice and video calls. Unfortunately, before you get too excited at the prospect of replacing Zoom with WhatsApp, the current iteration of the feature only supports one-on-one calls, meaning that support for group calls will come at a later date.

This will no doubt be a highly useful feature for those who already communicate primarily through WhatsApp and don’t want to switch apps. In some cases, especially with older folks who might not be too tech savvy, this will make it easier on them as they already know how to use WhatsApp.

That being said, we should point out that WhatsApp still has plans to implement its controversial new privacy policy that users have to more or less agree to if they want to be able to keep using the app, so while these are welcome features, there might be privacy issues to contend with.

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