Given the size of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and also its performance capabilities, it can in some cases actually act as a laptop replacement. This of course varies depending on what you need from a computer, but for typing up documents and emails, it’s more than capable of doing that, especially with accessories like Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

However, if the Magic Keyboard’s pricing is a little more than you can bear, then you might be interested to learn that Brydge has announced its latest iPad Pro accessory in the form of the 12.9 MAX+. This is a keyboard + trackpad case for the iPad Pro, which when closed shut makes your tablet look like a laptop.

According to Brydge, some of the features of the 12.9 MAX+ include instant wake at a press of a button, shortcut keys, and also a nice sturdy build thanks to the use of “high-grade” aluminum. Right now, this is only available for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, so those with the smaller 11-inch model will have to look elsewhere.

Brydge isn’t alone in launching new keyboard cases for the iPad Pro. Earlier today, Logitech also announced their new keyboard + trackpad case for the iPad Pro. Brydge’s 12.9 MAX+ is priced at $250 and will begin shipping out in June.

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