Right now, Clubhouse seems to be the social media platform to beat and to copy. We’ve already seen companies like Twitter work on something similar, and just last month, it also appeared that Discord could be creating their own version of Clubhouse. Turns out the reports were right on the money.

Discord has since announced what they are calling Stage Channels, which essentially function similarly to Clubhouse. For those unfamiliar, Clubhouse is a new social media app that lets users join clubs that they might have an interest in and then voice chat with the participants in the club.

According to Discord’s description of Stage Channels, “Stages can be especially useful in situations where you’re running events within your server such as voice AMAs or interviews, reading clubs where each person talks about their book of choice, or just singing the night away in karaoke. No more having people talking over each other thinking it’s their turn or that long awkward silence before someone goes ‘…oh, am I up?’”

Discord has been gaining popularity over the years not just amongst gamers, but companies who want to create interactive and dynamic platforms for their customers to gather. Recently, there has even been rumors claiming that Microsoft might be interested in acquiring them.

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