Huge tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and so on have huge environmental impacts. This is because not only do they produce physical products that consume natural resources, but because they run massive data centers, these data centers also consume natural resources.

This is why over the years, many of these tech companies have made commitments to ensure that their operations are powered by renewable energy. It looks like as far as Facebook is concerned, they have managed to achieve their goal of 100% renewable energy for their global operations, which the company had originally set in 2018.

According to Facebook, “Although we’ve reached our latest goal, the work isn’t over. We will contract new solar and wind projects to remain at 100 percent renewable energy, even as we continue to grow. We’ve already set a new goal that in 2030, we will reach net zero emissions across not only our own operations but also our value chain (our suppliers, as well as items like business travel and employee commuting).”

They add, “We recognize the urgency of climate change. We know the next 10 years will be the defining time for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and that we have a role to play in this effort — both as a platform that connects people to information and as a global company that supports climate action.”

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