Last month, it was reported that Discord was reportedly in talks about a potential sale to Microsoft. The report claimed that the talks were “exclusive” and could lead to a potential acquisition by Microsoft, but now according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, that will no longer be happening.

The report claims that Discord has ended all talks about a potential sale with Microsoft and other companies that were rumored to be interested, which apparently included the likes of Amazon and Epic. Instead, the company is said to be looking to remain independent and could launch an IPO.

It’s not surprising that Microsoft could be interested in Discord. While Microsoft has its Teams software, it is viewed more as an enterprise software, so acquiring Discord could allow Microsoft to get their foot in the door with everyday consumers. The platform is popular amongst gamers, but it has also been made home by various communities and small businesses who use it to keep customers updated with information about new products, project updates, as well as fostering a community for like minded people to gather.

That being said, this deal isn’t 100% dead in the water. The report claims that both companies are still open to renewed talks, but as it stands, Discord doesn’t seem too keen on the idea of being acquired just yet.

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