Last month, Apple announced and unveiled its brand new Apple Silicon powered 24-inch iMac. There are many things new about this iMac, such as the design, the hardware, and also the size. This is the first 24-inch iMac after Apple had stuck with 21-inch and 27-inch options for years.

However, some of you might recall that there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually be developing an even larger iMac, so what happened to it? Obviously it was a no-show at the Spring Loaded event, but now according to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that Apple had actually hit the pause button on the development of the larger iMac to focus on the 24-inch model.

The reason behind the pause is because Apple wanted to focus on releasing the 24-inch model first, so don’t worry about the larger model being cancelled. In a way, a launch later in the year might make more sense. This is because unlike the 21-inch iMac, the 27-inch model is seen as the more powerful variant and so it might be better off with the M2 chipset instead of the M1.

As the M2 is said to be in production, a launch later in the year actually kind of pans out. Either way, we’re not sure if Apple will be sticking with a 27-inch display or if the rumors are right and we could see a 30 or 32-inch model in the future.

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