Our smartwatches are getting better at detecting various health conditions, like our blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and so on, but what about our smartphones? Our smartphones possess incredible processing capabilities, so why not apply that for medical or health purposes, right?

That’s something that Google plans to do and they want to combine the use of AI and your smartphone’s camera to try and identify various skin conditions. It is pretty much what you think, all you need to do is open up the tool, point the camera at an area of your skin that might have a condition, and let the AI do its thing.

Users will then be asked a series of questions about themselves and their skin, like how long they’ve had the issue, are there any other symptoms, and so on. Based on this, the AI will then try to figure out what’s wrong. Of course, how accurate it might be remains to be seen, but as with the case with the Apple Watch, this isn’t meant to be a diagnosis but it could help you catch problems early on.

For those who are keeno taking part in this study to see if such a tool would be useful, you can sign up with your details here.

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