Image credit – iFixit

A couple of weeks ago, Apple officially launched the AirTags tracking accessory. While initial reviews of the accessory have been largely positive, one of the things that many had wished the AirTags had was a hole that could allow it to be attached onto keyrings. After all, for an accessory that is meant to help track items like keys, it seems rather keyring-unfriendly.

Apple does sell keyring holders that you can slot the AirTags into, but that’s just more money spent, but there is some good news. The folks at iFixit have conducted a teardown of the AirTags and found that if you really wanted to, you could actually drill a keyring hole into the outer layer of the AirTags.

You will have to take out the battery first in case you accidentally drill into it, but otherwise if you can drill into a specific location, you will be able to avoid all the electronics. We don’t really recommend this to anyone since you would essentially void your warranty, plus there is a chance you could end up damaging the accessory. Also, as iFixit notes, drilling a hole will also cause the AirTags to lose its IP67 capabilities.

However, for those who are a bit more daring and want a little DIY project, know that while it is highly not recommended, it is possible. In the meantime, we can only hope that Apple will release new variants of the AirTags in the future that will come with keyring holes.

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