Likes on a Facebook or Instagram post can be a useful metric to gauge roughly how many people might have seen it or interacted with it. However, some argue that chasing likes can be distracting and takes away from the original point of posting, although some might also argue that chasing likes is one of the main reasons why people post in the first place.

That being said, Instagram started testing out hiding the likes count a couple of years ago, and now it looks like the feature is official and will apply to both Instagram and Facebook. According to Facebook, the reason is that they want to give users more control over their accounts and hiding the likes counter is one of those ways.

“Starting today, we’re giving you the option to hide like counts on all posts in your feed. You’ll also have the option to hide like counts on your own posts, so others can’t see how many likes your posts get. This way, if you like, you can focus on the photos and videos being shared, instead of how many likes posts get.”

This is a feature that users can turn on or off themselves so if you still want to see the likes, you can keep doing it, but if you don’t, you can turn it off and turn it back on later if you want.

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