Apple’s Mac computers are not immune to malware. It might not be as common to come across Mac malware compared to Windows, but that’s because there are way more Windows computers in existence compared to Mac, but like we said, Macs are not immune to malware as it does happen from time to time.

However, it seems that even though it seems less frequent compared to Windows, it is at a level that Apple finds unacceptable. During the Apple VS Epic lawsuit, Apple exec Craig Federighi was called on to testify. He was asked by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez as to why macOS supports multiple stores whereas iOS devices don’t.

According to Federighi, this is because Apple has set a “dramatically higher bar” when it comes to customer protection, which he feels that the Mac is not meeting today. He was quoted as saying, “Today, we have a level of malware on the Mac that we don’t find acceptable.” He also points towards Android as being a platform that supports multiple stores, but in turn it suffers from malware issues.

To be fair, Apple’s macOS and iOS devices have had their fair share of scary exploits and vulnerabilities so once again, it should be made clear that Apple’s products are not immune to these sorts of security situations. We’re not sure how Apple plans on addressing the issue of malware on Mac short of locking it down like with iOS, but we imagine that would tick many users off.

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