Apple’s AirTag launched last month and for the most part, it is very functional. Reviews have heaped praise on the accessory, although one chief complaint/feedback that we’ve seen is that Apple should have designed it to make it more wallet-friendly, since along with keys, wallets are things we sometimes forget to take with us or lose.

In fact, Apple’s competitor Tile already has trackers designed for wallets, so why not the AirTag too, right? Not feeling content with the current design, YouTuber Andrew Ngai decided to modify his AirTag and make it more wallet-friendly. He basically disassembled the device and separated it from its casing, and then putting it into a new slimmer card-shaped case.

It might sound simple, but it was actually a rather complicated process. This is because in order to remove the components from the case, the AirTag had to be heated up to 150F. Also, he had to relocate the battery to reduce the thickness and also come up with a way for the AirTag to draw power from it.

The end result might not necessarily be a device that screams Apple design, but it works. We wouldn’t suggest you do this yourself, but it’s a pretty cool DIY project. We can only assume that in the future, Apple could launch more variants of the AirTag for other purposes, but if you can’t wait, there are several third-party alternatives worth considering.

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