In the heat of the moment, we can sometimes say things we don’t necessarily mean. In real life, most of the time we can’t take those things back, but it’s a different story online where we can sometimes take the time to decide not to send a message, post a status update on Facebook, or post a tweet online.

This is why Twitter has started to roll out its “think before you tweet” feature which is basically a warning system where if it detects something in your message that sounds harmful or offensive, it will let you know, and then you can decide if maybe you still want to go ahead and post it. The idea is that by giving you a heads up, maybe those extra seconds will make you reconsider your decision that could potentially hurt someone mentally or emotionally.

This isn’t a new feature because if some of you might recall, Twitter actually started testing the feature out back in 2020, but now it looks like the company is ready to implement it on a wider scale. Twitter also notes that since their previous test, they have tweaked and made changes to the algorithm to help reduce false positives, which can’t really be helped as the nuances of language might be missed by machines.

Twitter adds, “We’ll continue to explore how prompts — such as reply prompts and article prompts — and other forms of intervention can encourage healthier conversations on Twitter. Our teams will also collect feedback from people on Twitter who have received reply prompts as we expand this feature to other languages.”

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