As some of you might be aware of, WhatsApp has a new privacy policy in place that they want users to agree to. To “convince” users to agree to it, the company had previously put into place a system that would essentially limit the functionality of the app in hopes that users would eventually agree to it.

Unsurprisingly no one was a fan of these changes, and it seems that WhatsApp has also since had a change of heart. In a statement made to The Verge, a spokesperson said that the company will no longer limit the functionality of the app for users who do not agree with its new privacy policy.

According to the WhatsApp spokesperson, “Given recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make clear that we will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update.” The company states that they will now instead remind users about the policy from time to time.

“We will continue to remind users from time to time and let them accept the update, including when they choose to use relevant optional features like communicating with a business that is receiving support from Facebook. We hope this approach reinforces the choice that all users have whether or not they want to interact with a business.”

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