In the smartphone world right now, there pretty much only exists iOS and Android. Obviously either platform would love it if users from the competing platform jump ship and move over to theirs, and in an attempt to try and lure more of the competition, Apple has announced improvements they’ll be making to its Android “Move to iOS” app.

The app has actually been around since 2015 where it acts like a tool to help Android users move to iPhones. However, it seems that with iOS 15, Apple will be improving on the app to make it better to use and also to do more things. For example, with the update, users will now be able to transfer things like entire photo albums, files, folders, and even their Accessibility settings so that they won’t need to set it all up again.

However, do note that this seems to be only available for devices running iOS 15. This means that we will have to wait for iOS 15 to be released, which should be this fall, before Android users are able to fully take advantage of it. This doesn’t mean that the app isn’t useful at the moment, but if you want to make the transfer process from Android to iOS be smoother and more feature rich, you’ll have to wait for iOS 15 to be released first.

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