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Email services like Gmail and Yahoo are pretty popular and already have their own web interfaces. However, if you do use iCloud Mail and feel that its UI could stand to be improved upon, you’re in luck. This is because according to reports, Apple has started to test out a brand new interface iCloud Mail on the web.

If for whatever reason you need to access iCloud Mail through its web interface, then the screenshot above is what you’ll be able to expect from it. It looks a lot cleaner and brighter compared to its previous iteration, although some might notice that it actually looks like the UI of the latest Mail app for macOS and iPadOS.

Apple hasn’t really given iCloud Mail for the web much thought, at least based on what we’ve been seeing for years, but it looks like the company is finally giving it some much-deserved attention. Perhaps Apple is hoping that with its newer and more modern interface it would draw more people to use its services, not just those who already own Apple products and can already access their mail through the Mail app.

The web interface still has a long way to go before it can compete with other web-based email services like Gmail or Yahoo, but it’s still a welcome upgrade anyway. The new interface isn’t available to all users yet as it appears to be in testing, but it should be out later this year alongside the release of the updates for iPadOS and macOS.

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