If you use a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo or even Apple’s iCloud, the only personalization you get is the front of the email, but otherwise at the back it will be the same as everyone else. However, it seems that if you’re going to be an iCloud+ subscriber, Apple will actually allow you to personalize your email domain name.

Right now, iCloud users have email addresses that end with “@icloud.com”. However, according to Apple, the company mentions on its iOS 15 features preview page that users can “Personalize your ‌iCloud‌ Mail address with a custom domain name, and invite family members to use the same domain with their ‌iCloud‌ Mail accounts.”

This isn’t exactly a new or groundbreaking feature. Other services like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace already allow for email address personalization, so this is actually Apple being late to the party. However, some have pointed out that this could be enough to help convince people away from the competition, although right now we’re not sure what kind of limitations are in place.

For those unfamiliar, iCloud+ was introduced at WWDC 2021 as a new set of privacy focused features available to paying iCloud customers. This includes features like hiding your internet traffic and your email address to prevent spam and also to prevent people from stalking you. It will be included with all iCloud subscriptions at no extra charge.

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