Apple’s iPads have always held a lot of promise, but for the most part it has always felt like it was just a bigger iPhone. This is largely due to the software used to power the iPad. However, at WWDC 2021, Apple has announced some changes that they will be making to iPadOS 15, and one of those changes should please developers.

In the announcement, Apple has revealed that iPadOS 15 will allow developers to actually build and ship their apps to the App Store directly within the tablet itself using Swift Playgrounds. This means that developers won’t need to switch to a computer when they need to develop apps, and they can pretty much develop on the go as long as they have their iPads with them.

In fact, developing on the iPad also means that they’ll be able to test out the app directly on the iPad itself which can help save them time. We’re not sure how limiting the developing experience will be and if it will be the same as coding on a computer, but regardless, it is still quite a significant development and helps to transform the iPad into a bigger productivity device. iPadOS 15 isn’t out yet but it will be available later this year.

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